Thursday, May 22, 2008


Lately, I've been in search of inner peace. I have a wonderful husband, family, friends and some pretty rockin' cats. I have a beautiful home, a great car, fabulous food on the table and a job that pays the bills. I don't "want" for much and from the outside one might say that I have it all. But, when I start to dig deep inside, I don't. I've gotta lot of junk to deal with in my otherwise blissfully happy life. I've got issues.

I have always found writing to be a place of peace for me. It makes me feel like I can express myself in ways that words and actions don't. I had another blog once; it was about intuitive eating. I stopped blogging on it because everytime I started another diet I felt ashamed. I'm not sure why because the bloggers of the intuitive eating community are wonderful and supportive. But, we'll get to my own self esteem issues later.

And that brings me here, to my fabulous new blog. I decided to write one that really just gets to the heart of me. I plan to write about everything and anything. I feel certain that many times I will write about my struggles with food and exercise. I will also write about my quest for finding a job that brings me peace and joy. I will probably touch on some very personal topics such as the grief that I suffer from the loss of my brother and abuse as a child by family members. And to top it off, I would love to be able to write about the stuff that brings joy to my life. Things like my wonderful husband, my friends and the funny, quirky things they do, my yoga practice and there will no doubt be some awesome recipes.

So, this is it. My new blog.

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mady said...

You go, girl! You find that inner peace. (And then tell the rest of us where to find it!)